Poor Man's Mattracks

The name "Poor Man's Mattracks" comes from the fact that I built these tracks practically without a budget. For example I made the track guide lugs from a strip of plywood that I got from a local skate park years ago for free when it was torn down. Later I changed them to plastic strips though.

The plastics were leftovers from a plastic processing company where my friend worked at the time. The tracks were made from old tire protectors and scrap metal I got from my backyard. Car tire protectors are a great source for building tracks by the way- they are durable and it's basically an endless resource and what's most important - FREE. Only things I bought were some of the bolts and nuts and all of the bearings of course (6004 & 6006). And grease nipples.

All of the work except the CNC machining on the sprockets and wheels was done by me. I published the manufacturing process in some of the Estonian ATV and automotive forums. Most of the ATV guys weren't too phased about it. Some of them were kind of Dicks about it I might say. But I was still really proud when I finished this project and mounted them to my trike and hauled at least a years worth of firewood for the sauna. And then the winter ended.

I sold the trike and the tracks lost their purpose. I didn't want to rebuild them and decided to sell these things too. Then I bought the old Honda ATV and rest of it is history. Now I found the drawings from my computer and thought some of you guys/girls would like to have a go on this project. These blueprints are the exact same ones I used when I built these tracks.

Download the blueprints for FREE:

Consists of drawings of the framework, the main shaft
and sprocket flange. The file is zipped. Size 183 KB